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Belt Mounts

and other hardware

    Having been a medievalist for a number of years, I found it both annoying and expensive to have to purchase new adornments every time a piece of leather wore out. Removing rivets and unbending tangs often ruined cherished adornments, as they either broke or were marred.  My solution was the use of chicago mounts to secure the adornments to the leather.  This allows you to remove the adornments without damaging them when the time comes to replace the leather.  As an additional safeguard, we suggest a drop of superglue to fix the threads until you decide to undo them with a screwdriver.  These are designed for mounting items on leather, DO NOT apply them on metal armor, they will break.  Under normal use they are covered under our  limited lifetime warranty,; to be repaired or replaced if they should break on you.

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