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     Yes, we make buttons.  Probably one of our hottest sellers in the booth, as people always come back for more.  These fall into the categories of fine detail for your masterpiece.  Why would a Noble spend exorbitant amounts on fine silks and wool, only to use common cheap buttons.  These are solid cast in hard brass, not from pewter or other soft metals that eventually bend and break.  The only precaution needed are with our enameled buttons; turn the garment inside-out when washing, do not machine dry.   For those wishing to make a bigger statement, we can also make custom buttons with your device or charge on them.

I put a coin with every picture to best illustrate its size.  If there are not enough buttons for your project, just let me know, I'll make more.  Each one is made and enameled here in our studio.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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