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This is the necklace as portrayed in Holbein's miniature of Anne of Cleves, as was painted in 1539.  What many had thought to be the same necklace were actually two separate necklaces.  She was seen again wearing the same necklace in a portrait painted years later by Barthel Bruyn.  Our offering is made in 24KT vermeil (gold on Sterling Silver) and is adjustable from 19 to 20 inches.  It is designed to be worn high on the neck as are many of the Tudor pieces. as was the practice of sewing it onto a piece of cloth to ensure it hung properly (not all Lady's shapes are the same). The alternating enameled white and red roses are adorned with alternating natural rose cut garnets and citrines.  Note the symbolism of the red gem in a York rose and gold gem in a Lancaster rose. On the Jewel, displayed in proper, is a Tudor style cross adorned with both natural garnets and pearls (both mounted and drop).

Anne of Cleves, the Miniature Portrait

SKU: 021419
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