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This necklace was designed from a portrait of Catherine Parr in her later years. I tried to stay as true to the portrait as possible, the alternating red and blue of the garnets and sapphires, after doing reds and whites of the Tudors, seemed to break with the fashion of the day. Then I saw the necklace next to the Arms of England and it all made sense. The Jewel, hung in proper, is adorned with a large garnet and a black sapphire, the scheme of which I don't know the significance, is historically accurate.


This necklace is designed to be worn high on the neck as pictured in the portrait. Our piece is made in a 24KT vermeil, adorned with natural garnets, created sapphires, and pearls. It is 18.5 inches long. The Jewel, displayed in proper, is adorned with a natural garnet, black sapphire, and drop pearl.

Catherine Parr II

SKU: 021819
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